If you’re dreaming of building a dream home in 2021, then we want to help you with that New Year’s resolution!

The year is still very young and the ink on the New Year’s resolutions list is still fresh. What’s on your list? Well, we can’t help much with your desire to lose weight, read your Bible or even spend more time with family and friends, but…wait a minute, maybe we can help with that last one. If your desire is to upgrade your living space, then we can help you create a dream Custom colonial home in Boonsboro, MD built by Mt. Tabor Builders of Clear Spring, MDhome with more space for future (safe) gatherings!

We are continuing to meet with potential clients who want to build or do a major renovation in 2021. However, with low intertest rates and a thriving real estate resale market, our schedule is booking up fast. We love to discuss future home plans with folks who are ready for the next phase in where — and how — they want to live.

Whole house renovation project by Mt. Tabor Builders in Hagerstown, MDIf you need more space, let’s talk about building a larger home with the needs of your growing family. The plan could include a new home or possibly a re-imagined version of your current home. That version may have a large addition and a new layout in the existing structure.

If you want less space and a little more luxury with some better views, let’s talk about building that perfect-sized dwelling that faces the mountains and has a deck overlooking a sprawling backyard.


Why Hire Mt. Tabor as Your Custom Home Builder?

“From the first meeting, we had the idea, but they (Willie and Royce Eby of Mt. Tabor) guided us into exactly what we wanted. They took what we had and made some suggestions and adapted some things that enveloped our ideas. Shawn (Mt. Tabor Foreman) was always available to meet and talk about the tweaks being Customer home built by Mt. Tabor Builders in Clear Spring, MDmade to the project. All around from start to finish, it was an excellent experience.” – Burma Miles, Clear Spring, MD.

We start with a meeting and listen to every detail, including the budget, and then advise based on our building experience. Then our designer can draw the plans — revising as needed — until it reflects the client’s vision.

As we take care of the building permits, we work in partnership with the client on the building materials and other details. We Custom kitchen in custom house in Boonsboro, MD by Mt. Tabor Builders in Clear Spring, MDknow the best roofing, windows, doors, siding, etc… for the best pricing. This ensures that each client gets the best value for their budget.

We meet regularly with the client to make sure they understand exactly how the project is progressing. This gives everyone an opportunity to see if any changes are needed, as we know that things can change during the project. The object is to have a smooth building experience that results in the dream home becoming a reality.

To learn more about our work, see our gallery of homes and then read our client testimonials.


Contact Us Today to Discuss Your 2021 Building Project

To schedule a meeting, call the Mt. Tabor Builders office at 301-766-7161 or email info@mttaborbuilders.com. You can also send us a message through the Mt. Tabor contact form on this site.


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