This is a Series of Renovation Blogs to Upgrade Your Current Living Space. Today We Will Focus on Bathroom Renovations.

Custom bathroom in rancher in Sharpsburg, MD by Mt. Tabor BuildersBathrooms are a major part of the house, even though we may only spend a fraction of our day in the space. When someone is looking to purchase or build a home, the main questions revolve around the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and the kitchen (which will be talked about in a future blog post in this series).

Usually the master bath in the most important. Is it large enough? Is there a double vanity? Does it have a shower/tub or both? Are the floors tile or vinyl?

Yes, these are all good questions, but if your answers don’t match up well with the questions, just know that renovation and remodeling are an option. Mt. Tabor Builders employs professionals who know how to look at the space and imagine what can be done — or can’t be done — to give you your dream bathroom.

Some of the big trends in bathroom renovation include designer lighting; granite vanity tops; highly-efficient30-min toilets; large, walk-in showers; soaking tubs with designer hardware; and tile (including subway tile, which has made a huge resurgence). The walk-in, level showers are also great for “aging in-place” designs, where people plan for staying in their homes after there is a need for assistance from walkers or wheel-chairs.

Secondary bathrooms can also be good candidates for upgrading, especially with space. Older homes were often designed in a chopped-up manner, and sometimes the removal of a wall, can lead to a better layout, along with the addition of some or all of the accessories mentioned above.

If you would like to schedule a time to meet with us to discuss your dream bathroom, contact us here.

Mt. Tabor Builders does remodeling and custom building throughout the Tri-State area, including Hagerstown, Clear Spring, Hancock, Boonsboro, Smithsburg and Frederick County in MD.

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