Mt. Tabor Builders can build an energy-efficient home that will provide long-term savings and peace of mind that comes with a sound investment.

Herald Mail Homesource article - Energy Efficient HomeVery rarely can you cut a corner and truly save a buck. This is especially true when it comes to the larger purchases that most people make in their lifetimes. This is true when hiring a contractor to build a house or major addition, or even buying a car.

In the case of the car, you won’t find many friends that say, “I only paid $2,000 for that used car I bought 10 years ago and I’ve never had to put a dime in it.” It just doesn’t happen, but if it did happen to you, count it as your special blessing. Now, apply that same logic when hiring someone to build your house or addition. You want a contractor who can build a strong, energy-efficient home that will last and save you money every month on your utility bills.

“Maryland (and its neighboring states) has an energy code that we had been meeting (and exceeding) long before it ever went into effect,” says Mt. Tabor Builders Owner Willie Eby.

After doing plenty of background checks into work history, those wanting to build should evaluate builders based on two major criteria: craftsmanship and use of quality materials.

“If the bones of the house are right and you build it with a good window, good doors, and then the HVAC (Heating,Door on Custom Home in Clear Spring, MD built by Mt. Tabor Builders Ventilation & Air Conditioning) system is really all you need to worry about,” Eby says.

A well-built home means the energy savings will be realized in the short-term and the long-term, even after the house “settles.” According to the website, “A crack as small as 1/16th of an inch around a window frame can let in as much cold air as leaving the window open three inches.”

When Eby talks about “the bones of the house,” he is referring to the basic structure. Every Mt. Tabor-built home is built with 2×6 studs, rather than 2x4s. This allows the construction crew to exceed the insulation minimums – required by the state energy codes – in the walls and the attic, where most heat is lost in the winter. Using a combination of foam and fiberglass, Mt. Tabor achieves an R23 insulation rating, which ultimately means more money in its client’s pockets.

Quality products are the second key to a home that saves money for the owner. Mt. Tabor uses top-rated Andersen Windows, Therma-Tru Doors and the GAF Shingle System roofing products.

Custom Home in Clear Spring, MD built by Mt. Tabor Builders using reclaimed wood for floors and exposed beamsAndersen Windows has the distinguished honor of being named ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year as a company for multiple years. The gauge to know how good a window is, as it relates to energy-saving quality, is the NFRC rating. That rating applies to exterior doors as well. Mt. Tabor chooses to use Therma-Tru brand in new homes because 80 percent of all Therma-Tru products are ENERGY STAR® rated and NFRC certified.

However, it’s not just good enough to use high-quality products in building projects. Mt. Tabor’s crew consists of experts who are classroom-educated on the best way to install each of these building materials. Professional builders agree that well-made windows, doors and other such elements — AND expert installation — are the top two reasons for long-lasting quality in a home or addition.

If you would like to learn more about building an energy-efficient home or addition, contact Willie and his team in their Clear Spring, MD office at 301-766-7161.

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