Back-to-school season is here and parents are hoping for a great start before the next holiday weekend.

Back to school in Western, MdBusses are on the road. School supply aisles are in shambles. Teachers’ alarms are going off every morning across the Tri-state area. Summer is over. At least that’s the perspective of school students and their parents, as many children are now back in the classroom. Those parents are hoping for a great start to the new school year AND looking forward to a great Labor Day weekend. The best thing to do is make a plan for both.

Most experts say to focus on preparing the children for the transition that comes with the new school year. Touring the school, meeting the teachers and connecting your child to a friend can all help with making this time easier on your student. Here is a good article of back-to-school tips. It also offers safety tips.

Now you can plan for the upcoming three-day weekend on September 2 – 4. Activities like camping, fishing, golfing, biking are obvious ones for the region leading up to grilling in the backyard or the local park. However, if those don’t do it for you, click on this article for other ideas for local fun.

Below are some interesting facts about the holiday and how to contact Mt. Tabor to discuss your building project idea.


Seven Fun Trivia Facts About Labor Day

Mt. Tabor Builders is celebrating Labor Day in Clear Spring, MD1) The first ever US Labor Day was celebrated on 5th of September. 1882 on Tuesday in New York City which was planned by the Central Labor Union.
2) The American Labor Day concept was idealized by Canada in order to honor the Labor Movement. They also held a “9-hour Movement” to support the striking workers.
3) The first state to celebrate Labor Day was Oregon. The legal holiday was celebrated in 1887.
4) Labor Day was made a National Holiday by Grover Cleveland when he signed an Act in 1894 establishing a federal holiday.
5) A congress passed an Act on June 28th, 1894, to make Labor Day a legal holiday to be celebrated on the first Monday of September.
6) Labor Day weekend is considered to be the busiest travel weekend of the year.
7) Labor Day is also considered to be the end of Hotdog season. According to a National Hotdog and Sausage Council, Americans typically consume almost 7 billion hot dogs.

Contact Mt. Tabor Builders to Meet About Your Vacation Home in the Mountains

Mt. Tabor Builders new timber frame home in Morgan County, WV 2023The Mt. Tabor Builders office is in Clear Spring, MD just west of Hagerstown. Contact the Mt. Tabor office here or call 301.766-716 to discuss you building project. The office can also be reached by emailing

The Mt. Tabor team has decades of experience finishing spaces, building major additions, designing Mt. Tabor Builders are the Tri-state building professionals located in Clear Spring, MDand building outdoor living spaces, and building custom homes. They can expertly handle every home improvement project, including replacement windows and roof replacements.

You can click on these links to go to the company’s custom homemajor addition and outdoor living space photo galleries. Click on this link to read Mt. Tabor testimonials.

Happy Labor Day!

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